Olive Crew Management Ltd


Located in Odessa and having access to one of the largest crew markets we offer:

  • End-user approach in all stages from selection, pre-employment, employment and post-employment
  • Dedication to Owners needs with hands-on boutique type service
  • Competitive salaries

We understand core values of good seafarers as:

  • High qualification and top skills
  • Strong health
  • Loyalty to employer
  • Stable working record

As a routine we do:

  • strict and objective selection of seamen;
  • checks conformity of declared sea service/experience to real one;
  • interview with Port Captain and Technical Superintendent of Olive Shipmanagement , Athens;
  • professional knowledge assessments;
  • comprehensive medical examination at reputable medical centers;
  • psychological tests and attentive conversation;
  • authentication of seafarers’ documents through Ukrainian Ministry of Transport;
  • check English level in accordance with the position.

We are glad to supply your vessels with Professional, Healthy and Strong character Seamen.


Fleet of Olive Shipmanagement Inc

mv True Love

DWT 38.762
IMO 9697143
ME RT-Flex Wartsila

mv Dolce Vita

DWT 38,690
IMO 9697155
ME RT-Flex Wartsila

mv Good Luck

DWT 37,384
IMO 9761889
ME RT-Flex Wartsila

mv Life Passion

DWT 37,332
IMO 9737888
ME RT-Flex Wartsila

mv Elinda Mare

DWT 79,648
IMO 9490454

Contact Us

Elena Lavrenko
General manager
+ 38 048 705 95 85
Graduated from Odessa Maritime University in 2002, for 4 years was working at post fixture, disbursements and accounting section of shipping company followed by 9 years as PR and administrative manager of Aquavita International SA.
Anna Romanchenko
Crewing manager
+ 38 050 406 31 56
After graduation from Odessa National University worked in trading companies as translator and logistics manager. Since 2006 worked in HR sphere dealing with both office and marine personnel. Joined Olive Crew in May 2015.
Milana Shamsudinova
Crewing manager
+ 38 050 499 83 10
Violetta Karzhylova
Crewing manager
+ 38 050 482 83 10